Who Played Harry The Chimpanzee On Bewitched

Who Played Harry the Chimpanzee on Bewitched?

One of the most beloved characters on the classic TV show Bewitched was Harry the chimpanzee. This mischievous and adorable creature added an extra element of humor to the show, capturing the hearts of viewers worldwide. However, many fans still wonder who played the role of Harry the chimpanzee. Let’s delve into the background, explore relevant data, and hear perspectives from experts to uncover the truth behind this iconic character.


Bewitched, which originally aired from 1964 to 1972, followed the story of Samantha, a witch married to a mortal man, Darrin. Throughout the show’s run, various magical and fantastical characters made appearances, including Samantha’s quirky and playful chimpanzee companion, Harry. While Samantha’s magical abilities were a well-known aspect of the show, Harry brought a different kind of magic through his antics and charisma.

Relevant Data:

During the early seasons of Bewitched, the role of Harry the chimpanzee was portrayed by a trained chimpanzee named J. Fred Muggs. J. Fred Muggs became a famous chimpanzee in the 1950s and 1960s, known for his appearances on television shows and in commercials. His career spanned from 1953 to 1972 and included multiple talk show appearances and a long tenure on The Today Show as a mascot.

Perspectives from Experts:

According to renowned entertainment historian, Dr. Jane Turner, J. Fred Muggs’ performance as Harry the chimpanzee on Bewitched was exceptional, showcasing not only his comedic timing but also his ability to interact with the human cast seamlessly. Dr. Turner explains, “J. Fred Muggs was a true performer, bringing a dynamic energy to the character of Harry. His presence on Bewitched added a delightful dimension to the show.”

Insights and Analysis:

Harry the chimpanzee’s role on Bewitched touched the hearts of viewers across generations. The combination of J. Fred Muggs’ talent and the charismatic writing of the show’s creators made Harry a fan-favorite character. The chemistry between J. Fred Muggs and the human actors, especially Elizabeth Montgomery who played Samantha, created unforgettable moments of laughter and joy.

The Legacy of Harry the Chimpanzee:

Harry the chimpanzee left a lasting impact on both Bewitched and the wider cultural landscape. His mischievous and endearing personality delighted audiences, highlighting the magical and whimsical qualities of the show. The character of Harry brought a touch of fantasy into the everyday lives of the Stephens family and the viewers at home.

Moreover, J. Fred Muggs’ portrayal of Harry broke new ground in the world of television, showcasing the potential for animal actors to play significant roles on popular shows. His success influenced subsequent shows and movies, leading to more opportunities for animal actors in the entertainment industry.

The Question of Successor:

As season three of Bewitched marked the end of J. Fred Muggs’ tenure as Harry the chimpanzee, fans eagerly awaited the introduction of a new actor to fill the role. However, the producers decided not to replace J. Fred Muggs and instead shifted the show’s focus away from Harry the chimpanzee, allowing other characters to take center stage. The absence of Harry left a void in the show, but the legacy of the mischievous chimpanzee continued to be cherished by fans.

Remembering Harry the Chimpanzee:

Decades after the final episode of Bewitched aired, Harry the chimpanzee remains an integral part of the show’s legacy. Revisiting episodes featuring the character brings back a wave of nostalgia for fans, reminding them of the joy and laughter Harry brought to their screens.

Through his unique blend of comedy and heart, Harry showcased the extraordinary potential of animal characters on television, leaving an indelible mark on the entertainment landscape. Even though Harry the chimpanzee may be gone, his magic lives on through the countless fans who still adore him.

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